Vendor's Loyalty Check Report

Vendor loyalty check report

Mistakes are never forgivable. Though self mistake once may be forgiven but any interest or penalty liability raised due to others/vendors mistake are never forgiven. What we do? We check your vendors loyalty in GST whether they are complying with the norms of GST law applicable in India and transferring legitimate Input to you or not? Whether their GSTINs are still active or not? Whether they have filed their returns up to date or not ? whether any liability is arising on your business due to any misconduct of your vendor? If the answers to all the above questions come a YES, it will boost your faith on your vendors and you will be able to make frequent transactions from them. And if its a NO, you may have to bear a huge loss on account of Interest and Penalty. With this report in hand, you will be able to take a definite decision on a vendors transaction. You may stop their payments till the GST liabilities are made zero. You are in a win-win position with this report what you may not be once the department issues a notice or show cause or demand notice.

In this report, we provide you with the percentage if Vendors loyal to your business year wise. The amount of transactions you entered with them, date of cancellation of their GSTIN, Amount of eligible Input Vendor wise, year wise etc etc.

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