GST Health Check Up

gst health check up

A businessman earns money doing a lot of hard work and will never let go a little penny for misconduct of any person, may it be its compliance staff and/or anybody. GST is the biggest indirect tax reform implemented in India. GST compliances which were envisaged to be easier and less complex, have turned out to be a compliance nightmare with multiple and frequent changes in the tax returns and reporting requirements. Further, the GST portal has been a puzzle and cause of concern for many taxpayers since its inception. There are 21 offences under GST. For easy understanding, these have been grouped into heads as given below:

  • Not registering under GST, even though required by law
  • Supply of any goods/services without any invoice or issuing a false invoice
  • Issue of invoices by a taxable person using the GSTIN of another bona fide taxpayer
  • Submission of false information while registering under GST
  • Submission of fake financial records/documents or files, or fake returns to evade tax
  • Obtaining refunds by fraud
  • Deliberate suppression of sales to evade tax
  • Opting for composition scheme even though a taxpayer is ineligible

An offender has to pay a penalty amount of tax evaded/short deducted etc., i.e., 100% penalty, subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000.Additional penalties as follows-

Tax amount involved100-200 lakhs200-500 lakhsAbove 500 lakhs
Jail TermUpto 1 yearUpto 3 yearsUpto 5 year
FineIn all three cases  

Under GST, The onus to prove the correctness, compliance and calculations is cast on the registered taxpayer. In case of wrong procedure or wrong calculation or wrong or non-compliance, the registered taxpayer is liable to pay a huge interest/penalty. Prevention is always better than cure, and therefore, corrective actions can be taken before it’s too late. This would certainly give confidence to the taxpayer about the level of compliance maintained by him. We have completed six years of GST implementation. If not yet done, This is the right time to cross-check the GST compliance and rectify the same as soon as possible. The Government has made frequent changes in GST law which have created confusion in the mind of taxpayers which has further resulted in either non-compliance or wrong compliance. Due to non-availability of amended information/legal provision and knowledge on a timely basis, many taxpayers have either received undue benefits or incurred losses.

Under GST Health Check Up, We check and review in detail the followings :

  • Reconciliation of sales/revenue income with outward supply value in GSTR 1
  • Reconciliation of GSTR-3B & GSTR-1
  • Classification of goods/services and respective rate
  • Admissibility of input tax credit (ITC) & “negative list” u/s 17(5) of CGST Act
  • Verification of “place of supply” to check whether correct GST is charged
  • Precaution regarding availment of Input Tax Credit
  • Reverse charge liability
  • Adjustment of advance in an earlier month
  • Supply of services free of cost to branches located to other States
  • All service transactions with group companies
  • Any recovery from employees
  • Anti-profiteering impact on selling price
  • Any value of goods written off in the books
  • Reversal of Input Tax Credit in case of
    • Reconciliation of Books vs GST Returns
    • Matching of ITC: GSTR 3B vs GSTR 2A
    • exempted / non-GST supply
    • Free samples / FOC
    • Supply under warranty
  • Time of Supply
  • Format of Invoice applicable for business ( for both Output and Input)
  • Delivery Challans, wherever applicable
  • E way Bills
  • Departmental Notices, if there be any pending and possible suggestions
  • Mandatory registers and records

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