Departmental Services

Departmental services

Department Notice can undoubtedly give you mental stress & negatively impact your business.

  • Self Assessment Service
  • Rectification in case of any mismatch
  • Regular Assessment
  • Summary Assessment
  • Scrutiny Assessment
  • Best Judgement Assessment
  • Issue of monthly/annual TDS certificates.
  • Income Escaping Assessment
  • Provisional Assessment
  • Appeals at various forums
  • Survey, Search and Seizure

The above is a brief of our actions to tackle the trouble with ease. "As per the Budget 2020, the departments are going to be faceless in the future as digitalisation is being adapted in our nation." Professionals of Book My Accountant has the right taxation knowledge, the experience of how to communicate professionally, & respond to the notices virtually.

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Both you and us need to understand whether we are a good fit for each other. We also need to arrive at the exact scope of work and the fee thereof.

We are pleased to offer a FREE consultation session for this purpose.